how to organize your life… or not, you do you.

Hi friends/family/people-I’ve-never-met-before! There is still over a month left of summer but I will admit that I’m already starting to get prepped for this next semester. Shopping for planners and putting my class schedule in google calendar made me think it would be so fun to share with you all some of the many, many, many ways I have tried to stay organized and what has worked best for me

  1. Google Calendar

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Being in college, you constantly hear people rave about Google Calendar. I only really started using it this past semester, but holy cannoli it’s AWESOME. Not only was I able to set up my basic class schedule for the semester, but you can share certain events with friends and family. And trust me, this makes scheduling coffee with your crew soooo much easier! I also really love how they have different color options so you can color code your events. You can even sync Google Calendar with your phone (and in my case my fitbit) so that you can get your notifications and whatever device you want. All I’m saying is Google Calendar is all it’s cracked-up to be.

2. Bullet Journaling

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For about the past year I’ve been been keeping my life organized in one self-styled notebook. Lots of people are turning to bullet journaling as a way to stay organized. I loved the fact that my bullet journal allowed for me to combine a planner with a diary and all my random lists. Bullet journaling can be kinda hard to explain, so if you’re interested in a much better explanation that I could give you, click here.

If you know me well, you know I’m always doodling and that my recent obsession has been calligraphy videos. Basically bullet journaling was a build-your-own-planner, so of course, I filled it with calligraphy and doodles. It was so relaxing–and aesthetically pleasing–to make such a detailed plan of my weeks. Even though I loved this option, I chose to move away from it this year since it became so time consuming.

3. Pocket Planner/Calendar

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This way is tried and true for me and I am falling back on it this upcoming school year. I’m pretty sure I’ve kept a basic planner of homework and due-dates since 2nd grade. You can find full aisles of planner options at Target or Barnes & Noble nowadays. I grabbed mine off of Amazon on prime day (insert finger guns and winky face here). I plan on making it more customizable by adding sticky notes and lists of my own. What I’m really excited about is combining this classic option with Google Calendar. I’ll be sure to let you all know how it works out!

Well I hope this short brain dump on organizing was somewhat helpful. Let me know if you all prefer another way of staying organized!





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