kind words

If you haven’t already guessed from the title image of this post, in addition to sharing some of my favorite quotes this week, I’m going to explain my blog name. I’ve had a couple of friends ask me about it recently, and as I continue to put myself out here on the world-wide web I just wanted to share with y’all my hopes for this blog.

I came across this rupi kaur quote a couple of years ago, and I just couldn’t forget it. Women like you drown oceans. It just kept ringing in my brain, particularly when I was feeling down or defeated. Over the past year, those feelings began to swallow me, yet those words still came to mind. Women like you drown oceans. One day, I was looking out at the ocean. It wasn’t a particularly beautiful day, in fact it was rather cloudy and grey. As I watched the waves crash repeatedly, the ocean made me feel small. The ocean has always had a way of making me feel small, but I felt a lot smaller than I had in a long time. The waves crashed, the wind blew, and then it hit me; women like YOU drown oceans. This massive, powerful, raging body of water that lay before me was made by the same creator who made me to be me.


It was in that moment that I was reminded of the immense love of my heavenly father. Feeling small and defeated didn’t mean I was incapable or alone (feelings are just feelings after all). Feeling small simple meant walking through deep waters. (RANDOM SIDE NOTE: If you ever want to have a discussion with me about interconnecting bible verses, bring up Isaiah 42:3 and the story of Peter walking on water!)

My deep waters happened to be taking an extremely demanding course load while struggling with mental health problems and loss. Starting this blog, like I mentioned in my first post, was meant to be a creative outlet. Creativity seemed like a feat that I couldn’t manage at the time. Then I heard it again, women like you drown oceans. And so She Drowns Oceans was born!


In addition to being a space for creativity, I want this blog to be a positive space. Being kind may take effort, whether it be the time it takes to write a blog post or the muscles it takes to smile at a stranger, but that doesn’t mean it costs. Despite this, our world is anything but kind. Creativity and kindness are what allowed for healing and growth in my life this past year. So, (since you’re probably tired of hearing my emo ramblings) I leave you with my favorite poem. It’s a rather famous one by Walt Whitman. My hope is that it encourages you to make your verse just a little more kind.





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